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Farm Management

Tremendous changes in agriculture have occurred in the past few years and we continue to see change almost daily. These changes and the current economic times have presented the landowner with an immediate need for professional advice.

Through farm management, the landowners are kept well informed through timely communication and relieved of many of the problems and worry. Management′s main goal is improvement of the farm, including many facets: production, weed control, conservation practices, appearance, and net income.

Professional farm management provides a wide range of services to its clients. A few of those services include: analyzing the farm, designing a management plan and implementing it, selecting a well qualified tenant and working with him, operating with a written lease, keeping abreast of the latest farming techniques, products and government programs, marketing of grain, monitoring expenses, and accurate income and expense recording.

Central National Bank offers farm management services in the midwest with active farm management experts. Our managers represent individually, and as a group, many years of experience in professional farm management. Click below to contact them for further farm management information.

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