Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a mobile deposit service that allows you to deposit checks remotely using your smartphone and the Central National Bank iPhone or Android app.

On which mobile devices is it available?

Mobile Deposit is currently available on Apple® iOS and Android™ devices.

How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?

You must first be signed up for Online Banking. Once you′re ready, log into our mobile app then go to Menu - Mobile Deposit. From there, follow the prompts to sign up. Once we receive your request, you will generally be signed up within one business day. Once your account is active, we'll notify you via a secure message.

Is Mobile Deposit safe?

Yes, mobile banking uses the same security infrastructure as online banking and your data is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption. Access to the application on your mobile device is also password protected. In the event your mobile device is lost, please note that no account data is stored on it.

You will receive a confirmation email when your deposit has been approved. Please note that we will NOT ask for more information at that time, nor will we ask you to verify your identity. In the event that there is a problem with your deposit, please expect to hear from us via phone.

How much does it cost?

There is a $0.50 fee per deposited item. Message and data rates may also apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.

What are the eligibility requirements for Mobile Deposit?

Any Central National Bank account holder who has a qualified account, is signed up for Mobile Banking, and is a user of the app, is eligible for the Mobile Check Deposit service. Qualified accounts exclude Second Chance Checking, Health Savings Accounts, Central Secret Agent and Youth Savings Accounts. Qualified accounts are determined at Central National Bank's discretion.

Are there limitations on how many deposits I can make through Mobile Deposit?

You can make no more than 5 deposits per day and deposit one check at a time. The daily limit for deposits is $5,000. You are also limited to 20 checks for a maximum of $20,000 per month.

What types of checks can I deposit using Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit checks that are payable to you and have been properly endorsed with your signature and "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back. Several items are not eligible for Mobile Deposit, for example you cannot deposit foreign checks, third party checks, returned/re-deposited items using Mobile Deposit services. For a complete list of ineligible items refer to the Mobile Deposit End User Agreement.

How should I endorse checks that I submit through Mobile Deposit?

Please endorse checks with your signature and the words "For Mobile Deposit Only". PLEASE NOTE: If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, Central National Bank reserves the right to reject the check for deposit.

Why wouldn't my check be accepted?

The system may be unable to read your check due to the handwriting, check condition or photo quality. If that is the case, you will need to bring your check to a Central National Bank branch for deposit.

When will my deposit be available?

Deposits made prior to 5 p.m. will be credited to your account during nightly processing that night. Deposits made after 5 p.m. or on a Saturday, Sunday or on a holiday, will be processed at the end of the next business day. For example, deposits made after 5 p.m. on Friday will be processed the following Monday evening and available Tuesday.

Will a hold be placed on my deposit?

Funds deposited through Mobile Deposit are generally available within 1 business day, but can be delayed up to 3 business days. All deposits are subject to review and funds from your deposit may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

How do I make a deposit using Mobile Deposit?

You can:

  • Endorse your check. Add "For mobile deposit only" to the back of the check.
  • Launch the app, log in, and choose Mobile Deposit from the menu option
  • Take a picture of the front of the check
  • Take a picture of the back of the check
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Choose which account to deposit the funds into
  • Click "Submit"
  • A confirmation screen will appear
  • A confirmation email will be sent once the item has been received

What do I do with the check after it's deposited?

We ask that you securely store the paper check for 7 days. We recommend that you store the checks in an envelope or attach a sticky note noting that the checks were deposited via mobile. Once the retention period has passed you may destroy the check(s) (e.g. shred). We also ask that you confirm that you can see the deposit in your account via online/mobile banking or on your statement prior to destroying them.

How do I know my deposit has been received?

Upon submission of a mobile deposit you will receive a confirmation screen confirming your deposit has been received. An email confirmation will follow. You can also confirm your deposit in your account via online/mobile banking or on your statement after your deposit request has been processed. Mobile deposits are processed Monday − Friday after 5 p.m. on normal business days. Items deposited after 5 p.m. are processed the following business day.