Statement Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

What is Statement Rewards?

Statement Rewards is a program that presents merchant rewards and money−saving recommendations. The program matches electronic transactions with relevant rewards based on the customers spending and shopping preferences. Additionally, it offers an exclusive bill analysis, which can help you save a significant amount of money on your monthly bills.

What types of Statement Rewards might I be offered?

The rewards are based on your transaction activity. There are two primary reward types: purchase rewards and bill analyzer recommendations. Purchase rewards will typically provide deals/discounts at the countryís leading retailers − such as department stores, restaurants, specialty stores, etc. The bill analyzer feature allows you to do a personalized search and find money−saving recommendations on important monthly expenses such as cell phone bill, TV service, gas fill-ups, etc.

How much does it cost?

Statement rewards is completely free. The rewards you may receive are being offered to you by merchants eager to do more business with you. They are spending money on rewards for you instead of on traditional advertising.

How do I turn on StatementRewards?

After clicking on "View Transactions", you will see a "Statement Rewards" icon just above your transactions that reads "Enable Offers". Just click on it and any available rewards will be displayed on the Internet Banking Transaction page.

How do I purchase a reward?

Select "Get this Reward", enter the personal information requested and select "Proceed to payment info". Enter the credit card (Visa® or MasterCard®) information and any other information requested. Please be sure to review the Terms & Conditions prior to making any purchases. Some offers will be for online purchases or coupons to be printed & redeemed at the offering establishment.

How long are offers available for redemption?

Some offers may only be available for immediate redemption when first presented. Once an offer has been presented, if you elect not to accept the offer immediately, it may not present itself or it may change upon your next login to internet banking.

What if I redeem a Statement Reward and then change my mind?

Unfortunately there is a no return policy for rewards, except in the case of a system failure or error. Please be sure to read all Terms & Conditions prior to accepting an offer and entering your purchase information. If not completely comfortable with all Terms & Conditions presented we recommend not completing the transaction or accepting the offer.

What type of Guarantee or Warranty does Central National Bank provide regarding the offers presented?

Central National Bank has contracted with BillShrink® StatementRewards to provide this service. Central National Bank, our online banking and bill pay service providers do not endorse or recommend any merchant, offer no warranties for their products and services, and shall have no liability for the results of our customers′ use of the products and services. Please read all Terms & Conditions completely before making a purchase or accepting an offer.

What if I want to see all of my Reward offers in one place?

You can click on the "See Rewards" link at the bottom of the Transaction Listing page to view all available offers.

What if I donít want to see StatementRewards?

In the event that you prefer not to see the StatementRewards offerings, you can disable them on your Transaction Listing page. Simply click the "Disable Offers" link at the top of the page. If you change your mind, you simply click "Enable Offers".

Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely. The StatementRewards program never reviews, utilizes, transmits or stores any personally−identifiable information (PII). The program only considers anonymous and filtered transaction data that is transmitted securely and encrypted. The information is only used in order to offer rewards to establishments that you use or are of a similar service. Information is never shared with any third-parties.