User Guides

Text Banking

How to Sign Up
  1. Log in to Central Online Banking at
  2. Click Options - Mobile Settings - Text Banking Settings

  1. Select the "Enable text banking access for your mobile device" box.
  2. Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Required)
  3. Select the accounts you want to access via Text Banking.  You may also give each account a Short Name such as "CK1" which allows you to view individual account information.  Choose one or all of your accounts.  You can edit this selection at any time.
  4. Review the Text Banking Agreement and click I Agree.
  5. You will be prompted to send a text message to 89549 including a number shown on the screen.  Upon sending this message, your phone will be associated with your account and you will receive a text message back containing the allowed commands that can be used.
  6. You may now begin using your mobile device to access your accounts!
Available Commands
  • BAL - Balances for all enrolled accounts
  • BAL {acct} (where {acct} is the account short name you specified) - Balance for single account
  • HIST - Last 4 transaction dates and amounts on all enrolled accounts
  • HIST {acct} (where {acct} is the account short name you specified) - Last 4 transaction dates and amounts for single account
  • HELP - Listing of available commands
  • STOP - Unenroll from Text Banking