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  • Population: 2,700
  • First Settled in: 1870
  • Number of CNB Branches: 2
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Beloit CourthouseLocated in southeastern Kansas, Burlington is near the John Redmond Reservoir, Melvern Reservoir, and Coffey County Lake, leading many residents and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty Burlington has to offer. You may find people participating in outdoor activities such as: hiking, camping, and fishing. For many years, Burlington was known as the "Catfish Capitol of the World" due to the large population of catfish in the Neosho River.

Burlington is also home to the Coffey County Historical Museum and the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant.  Citizens also take great pride in the annual Coffey County Fair that is 131 years old and holds the title of the longest running county fair in the State of Kansas. 

Beloit Little RedThe city of Burlington established the first ordinance in the United States to ban smoking cigarettes; however, cigars were still allowed due to the fact that Burlington was the home to three cigar factories.  

Pictured at right is the Central National Bank branch location at 201 S. 4th. Pictured at left is the Coffey County Historical Museum.