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Great Bend

  • Population: 15,995
  • First Settled in: 1872
  • Number of CNB Branches: 2

Great Bend was established in 1872 as a regional trade and service center. Great Bend is the largest city in the county and also serves as the County Seat for Barton County. With the agricultural and oil industry going strong, Great Bend has remained a regional hub for shopping, entertainment, education, and medical needs. Great Bend is home to Barton County Community College , two hospitals, a newly built 6-screen theater, and numerous places to shop.

You can spend your free time with a stroll through the Great Bend Zoo or survive the summer heat at the Great Bend Aquatic Center. Great Bend is also located next to two of the world′s most vital wetlands, Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, where avid sportsman and bird watchers flock. The Kansas Wetlands Education Center, located at Cheyenne Bottoms, hosts many activities and events for people of all ages.