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  • Population: 1,900
  • First Settled in: 1873
  • Number of CNB Branches: 1
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Beloit CourthouseOnce a stop along the Santa Fe Railroad, Halstead is located in south central Kansas. It's within a 30 minute drive of Hesston College, Bethel College, Hutchinson Community College, McPherson College, and the city of Wichita. Within the Halstead area, you will find the Kansas Learning Center for Health, Spring Lake RV Park, Wedgewood Golf Course, Warkentine Walking Trail, several parks, and a swimming pool.

During the summer and fall, Halstead is home to many festivals and events. In June Halstead holds a city-wide garage sale that brings visitors from all over. The Old Settlers Festival takes place the second weekend of August every year. For over 120 years this festival consists of three full days of events, food, and fun. The third Saturday in October brings the Fine Arts & Craft Festival. The festival showcases artists from a variety of places and artistic venues.

Beloit Little RedHalstead is also the the birthplace of Adolph Rupp, who went on to become the head coach for the Kentucky Wildcats college basketball team. Halstead holds the Annual Adolf Rupp Basketball Tournament for high school teams. Another well known individual from Halstead was Conrad Nightingale. Conrad was a track star at Kansas State University and became a member of the USA Olympic Team in the late 1960's.  

Pictured at right is the Halstead Farmer's Co-op and the Pine Park monument, which honors Halstead soldiers who gave their lives in World War II and the Vietnam war. Pictured at left is the Halstead Heritage Museum and Depot.