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  • Population: 50,000
  • First Settled in: 1855
  • Number of CNB Branches: 2
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Beloit CourthouseCommonly referred to as the "Little Apple", Manhattan is located in the Flint Hills of northeast Kansas. Where Tuttle Creek Lake meets the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve you will find the town of Manhattan nestled in the valley of the hills.

The city is home to Kansas State University, Manhattan Area Technical College and Manhattan Christian College as well as a strong K-12 school system and Mercy Hospital. Manhattan is a community where the young thrive, but it is not limited to youth. It recently was noted as one of the "Top 10 Places to Retire" by Money Magazine. 

Beloit Little RedTuttle Creek Lake, the Konza Prairie Tallgrass Preserve, and Aggieville are few of the area attractions which draw people into Manhattan. Kansas State University attracts many visitors through sports programs, the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art and the University Gardens. The town of Manhattan also has four golf courses, 21 parks, walking trails and the Sunset Zoo. Numerous events fill the calendar in Manhattan including indoor and outdoor concert series, festivals, parades, and sporting events. 

Fort Riley is a short drive from Manhattan and is home to the First Infantry Division of the United States Army.

Pictured at left is the Central National Bank branch location at 1403 College Avenue. Pictured at right is the Bill Snyder Family Stadium.