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  • Population: 2,100
  • First Settled in: 1860
  • Number of CNB Branches: 1
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Beloit CourthouseKnown as the "town between two lakes", Marion is located in the "Golden Triangle" of Central Kansas on the western slope of the Flint Hills. There you will find a rich countryside of land and water which brought many settlers to Marion in the 1860s.

Butler County Community College has a campus in Marion and creates lots of activity in the community. Marion County Park and Lake, Marion Reservoir, and Central Park are just a few area attractions that provide hiking, camping, fishing, tennis, volleyball, skiing, wind surfing, and many other outdoor activities. Several festivals and events take place in Marion's Central Park, from Chingawassa Days to Art in the Park to Old Settler's Day. 

Other local interests are the Marion Historical Museum, the Marion Cemetery, the Santa Fe Depot (Marion City Library), Marion Country Club, the Vintage homes of Luta Creek and East Park. It is clear that the same values which brought settlers to Marion are still instilled in the community today.