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  • Population: 18,000
  • First Settled in: 1871
  • Number of CNB Branches: 1
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Beloit CourthouseLocated in south central Kansas, Newton is located in Harvey County, which was recently named one of the "Top 10 places to raise a family" according to The Progressive Farmer Magazine. Newton is near Harvey County East & West Lake which offers boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Area attractions include the Warkentine house, a Victorian museum, the Sand Creek Station Golf course, an 18-hole public golf course, Kauffman Museum, and the Carriage Factory Art Gallery. Home to Bethel College, students from all over come to attend this school. Other events that attract visitors are the Chisholm Trail Festival and the Harvey County Fair. One could also come watch a game played by the local minor league football team, the Kansas Cougars.

Beloit Little RedPictured at left is the Carriage Factory Art Gallery. Pictured at right is the Kauffman Museum.