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  • Population: 1,800
  • First Settled in: 1875
  • Number of CNB Branches: 1

Beloit CourthouseKnown as the Victorian Capital of Nebraska, Superior is located on the southern border of Nebraska. Superior takes great pride in its Victorian heritage by celebrating each Memorial Day weekend with the Lady Vestey Festival. Lady Vestey, known as Evelene Brodstone, lived in Superior and worked her way up to the executive position at Vestey Cold Storage Company, earning $250,000/year, making her the highest paid woman in the world at that time. She also is well known for marrying Lord Vestey and relocating to London.

Although Lady Vestey moved thousands of miles away from her hometown, Superior, NE was still very dear to her. She contributed a bridge for Lincoln Park, land for a bird sanctuary and a children's playground, along with enough money to build Brodstone Memorial Hospital, which is Superior's largest employer to date.

Superior also provides a vast array of activities and culture. They have a winery, golf courses, Lovewell Lake, a swimming pool, camping, a museum, and is the home to Sauerkraut pizza!