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White City

  • Population: 500
  • First Settled in: 1855
  • Number of CNB Branches: 1
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Beloit CourthouseWhite City is located in northeastern Kansas. In this rural area you will find an excellent school for pre-K through grade 12, a large 4-H club, an active senior citizens center, and a strong summer baseball association with well equipped facilities.

Among White City's attractions you will find a well-run city Library, a city park, a Veteran's Memorial, and Katy Park Museum, which include a country schoolhouse and a railcar museum. One of White City's most popular events is the Main Street Homecoming Parade each fall. Recently, they resumed their annual Fourth of July large fireworks display.

Beloit Little RedPictured at left is the White City School, which houses grades K-12. Pictured at right is the playground at the White City School.