Press Release

What's the big deal about our LPMI Loan? Read the press release to get the scoop.

Central National Bank Introduces Breakthrough Mortgage Insurance Product



Under a mortgage insurance program introduced today by Central National Bank, borrowers with strong credit profiles can qualify for mortgages with substantially reduced monthly mortgage payments.

A Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance Loan, or LPMI Loan means a reduced monthly mortgage payment versus other MI options. It will result in a lower monthly payment than many so-called "piggyback" mortgage structures while producing the same tax benefits.

"LPMI Loan is another MI option offered by Central National Bank that makes home ownership more affordable for the consumer," said Tina Barker, Vice President of Mortgage Lending. "Today, many borrowers with strong credit profiles are choosing piggybacks because of the lower monthly mortgage payments and enhanced tax deductibility. LPMI Loan will be of particular interest to these borrowers because it will result in the same tax benefits and even lower monthly mortgage payments and allow them to maintain financial flexibility and certainty."

A piggyback mortgage structure is one in which the borrower obtains a second mortgage at purchase, thus reducing the first mortgage loan-to-value ratio to 80 percent, eliminating the need for MI. In recent years, piggybacks have been marketed to consumers as a way to minimize monthly mortgage payments and maximize the mortgage interest deduction. While piggybacks have grown in popularity, they involve the origination and servicing of two separate loans. A LPMI Loan eliminates the need for two loans resulting in a single affordable mortgage.

When buying a $200,000 home with a 5% down payment, LPMI Loan would result in a monthly mortgage payment that is about $50 less than a typical piggyback structure involving closed-end second mortgages. Central National Bank is proud to be a leader in the Mortgage Lending Industry by including LPMI Loan in their product mix.

"LPMI Loan is a breakthrough MI product that will help Central National Bank reduce the cost of home ownership for many of the borrowers we serve," said Barker. "It's really a winning product. Borrowers get a competitive payment and the convenience of writing one check each month."

LPMI Loan is available on consumer-friendly loan products with low or no down payments, such as fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages with limited rate adjustments. By comparison, piggyback structures can include second mortgages that are balloons or HELOCs (home equity lines of credit) in which rates can adjust early and often.

Lender-paid MI (LPMI) differs from traditional borrower-paid MI (BPMI) in that the lender pays the premium, and the loan has a slightly higher interest rate. With BPMI, the borrower pays for the premium separately through a monthly escrow. A LPMI Loan lowers the overall cost of MI while providing the protection from default losses often needed to enable lenders and investors to make low-down-payment mortgage loans.

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